The following are some questions that we are frequently asked.

Q. How come my car never looks as clean when I wash at home with my pressure washer?
A. Chemistry. When you use hot water that has been softened along with top-of-the line soap and professional equipment, you simply get a better spot-free wash. To ensure you get the best wash we also monitor our soap quality on a daily basis and adjust the soap to match your cleaning needs; i.e. we adjust for salt, sun, mud, sand, etc.

Q. Do you use reclaimed or recycled water?
A. No. We always use fresh, hot, softened water.

Q. Do you adjust your timers depending on traffic flow and time of year?
A. No, we do not. We offer lots of time and pressure and do not want to jeopardize our reputation for a few seconds of time or a little less chemical cost.  We do however have to examine our income statements to ensure we can pay the bills, so once a year we will look at it and inform you if there are any changes to our time.

Q. Why is the air hose coin-operated?
A. We need to charge for this in order to limit the amount of time it is used.  We can not have people drying there entire car with the air because of the cost and the time it would take up in the bay when others are waiting.    Also for safety (we often found small children playing with the nozzle); and a desire to decrease wait times in line-ups.

Q. Why do the wands spray without pulling the trigger?
A. This feature is called a weeping wand.  This feature offers less wear on our pumps and in turn they will last longer and keep our costs down. As an added bonus the gun puts out a low-pressure spray that will allow our customers greater ease in washing certain areas of their car such as door sills and engines, or furnace filters from their home. Pulling the trigger will give you the high pressure needed to clean the rest of the car.

Q. Can I vacuum my vehicle at your car wash?
A. Yes. Each bay inside has a wall-mounted vacuum that is operated on the same dial as the wand. Turn the dial to "vac," which is found on the dial. We recently installed a vacuum outside on the East side of the building. Our outside vacuums offer 50% more time for the same price and can accommodate larger vehicles.
Q. Are your vacuums wet/ dry?
A. Yes, liquids can be sucked up by our vacuums.

Q. What coins do you accept?
A. Our coin boxes accept loonies and twonies, with twonies giving you a double cycle.

Q. Can I get change on site?
A. Yes, both our locations have a change machine located near the entrance to take 5s, 10s, and 20s. The machine dispenses loonies and twoonies.

Q. How much clearance does your facility have?
A. We accept vehicles 9' 6" inside but can accomadate larger vehicles at our outdoor bay          on the west side of the building from April to October.  Our outdoor bay is also open 24         hours

Q. What happens if I insert extra coins during my wash cycle?
A. Inserting extra coins at any time during your wash cycle will give you full credit for additional cycles. This can be helpful during situations when you want longer time from the wash, such as when cleaning larger vehicles.

Q. When you say you are open until midnight, does this mean I have to be out by midnight?
A. No. The last car we let into our facility is at midnight. Cars in the wash after this point have until approximately 12:35am to finish their wash.

Q. If there is a line-up, how long can I expect to wait?
A. We have more pressure and chemical than most other washes which helps wash vehicles     faster and in turn limites our lines to about 5 minutes or less. 
Frequently Asked Questions